Commercial Work

Commercial Work & Property Management at Bradford Carpet One Floor & Home

At Bradford Carpet One Floor & Home, you aren’t just getting your standard floor installation services. We go above our competition to ensure your floors and home look pristine once our installation team leaves. However, what also separates us from competitors is our commercial work and property management

We have worked with many general contractors and property managers regarding flooring. If you are looking for any of the following work, our Bradford Carpet One Floor & Home team is your go-to installers. 

  • Waiting rooms

  • Apartments rooms/ buildings

  • Medical offices

  • Main commercial buildings

  • Restaurants

  • Common halls

  • Stairways

Although, these are just a few examples of the properties and commercial buildings we have worked on, you can learn more by contacting our Bradford Carpet One team: Contact.

Work with General Contractors 

When it comes to commercial work, we are used to working with general contractors and managing a flooring project. Having been in commercial work and property management since 1988, which is more than 29 years, means our team has a lot of experience doing such projects.  We understand the type of floors you will be looking for, whether it be stylish, durable, or both. We also know that attention to detail is incredibly important for any installation job, which is why we have the RFMS Measuring System.

RFMS Measuring System

Perfection for commercial work and property management is necessary. When it comes to investments, floors must be perfectly set and aligned. Our state of the art RFMS measuring system allows us to scan the blueprints on the computer and come up with a floor plan, along with pricing, based on the measurements. 

Property Management

Besides our commercial work, we are also known for our property management at Bradford Carpet One. Similar to our commercial work, property management for stairways, common areas, and apartments is done with a keen eye on detail. Although property management is done for a quick turnaround, we still make sure to provide the top quality floors and installation. Whether it be a landlord needing a new carpet in an apartment so he or she can rent it again, or an upgrade on a lobby floor, we have all the flooring options available. Including: Carpet, carpet tiles, LVT, laminate, vinyl, hardwood, and tile. 

To learn more about our commercial work and property management, contact Bradford Carpet One Floor & Home today, or visit our showroom in Saugus, MA.