Karastan Carpets

Beautiful carpets that will sustain their look

Karastan Carpet

Karastan flooring is more than just a floor to our Bradford Carpet One Floor & Home team. It provides and elegance to any room and is more valuable than any carpet brand due to its quality, and sustainability. It’s not often that a homeowner comes across a gorgeous carpet that is comfortable and long lasting. Most homeowners are turned off by the idea of carpet due to the maintenance. However, a Karastan carpet is nothing to be afraid of.

The Karastan collection is either woven or tufted and is known for its quality backing, finishes, craftsmanship, carpet fibers, and density. Yes, that is a lot of benefits in one carpet, but that is the Karastan difference. 

What is the Best Type of Carpet?

If it is density you are looking for, Karastan carpets are the best choice due to the amount of pile yarn and closeness of the weaves. Additionally, the carpet fibers are twisted tightly together for a more defined look and stronger performance against wear and tear. Now, you won’t have to keep a watchful eye on your kids or guests because your Karastan carpet will look exactly the same after they leave.

Carpets for Living Rooms

With a strong fiber carpet like this cleaning becomes a breeze. You no longer will have to break out the vacuum the second you see dirt on the floor, for the tight fiber weaves keep it from falling deep into the carpet. 

Nonetheless, perhaps you aren’t looking for a carpet for your home, but a strong statement rug. Karastan also offers beautiful colored and patterned rugs to add a pop of color to any room. 

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