Rustic River Hardwood

Are you settling for an ordinary hardwood floor? You may even not know you are settling, but at Bradford Carpet One Floor & Home you are getting the top hardwood flooring brands in the industry. Having the best of the best is our priority, which is why we offer the hand-scraped Rustic River Hardwood.

Rustic River Hardwood provides unique looks with its rich and warm tones, and seasoned and weathered personality. Each Rustic River Hardwood board tells its own story. The beautiful scrapes from professional craftsmen and traditional colors will provide a unique look to your home.

Why Should I Choose Rustic River?

“Each lovingly crafted plank speaks in its own individual voice- to craftsmanship, quality, and integrity- from the heart of the hardwood.”

All Rustic River Hardwood is made in the USA. When you first see the bold textures and captivating styles you will be wrapped in warmth. Rustic River Hardwood isn’t an ordinary hardwood brand, for it is unique and provides a variety of options. Whether you are looking for a specific species like Oak, Maple, Ash, Hickory, or Walnut, or a solid or engineered construction, Rustic River Hardwood offers it all.

You aren’t short of options when it comes to collections and styles at Rustic River Hardwood, which is why they created a Character Rating system to easily compare the unique features. The Character Rating evaluates the Shade Variations and Scrape Levels of the styles.

Shade Variation & Scrape Level

The Shade Variation refers to the color consistency from one board to another. The Scrape Level describes the depth of texture from the scraping. One thing to keep in mind is that the higher the scores for the character rating doesn’t mean the better the hardwood. The ratings allows you to identify the style that will fit your homes personality the most. Whether you are looking for less consistency of color for a unique look, or more depth, the Total Character Rating will allow you to easily sift through the styles to find the right flooring option for you.

Along with Rustic River Hardwood’s many features is its Gold and Platinum warranties. Besides our Carpet One Beautiful Guarantee, Rustic River offers up to 30 years of protection on finish, wear, defects, and structural integrity.

To learn more about Rustic River Hardwood, contact Bradford Carpet One Floor & Home, or visit our showroom in Saugus, MA.